Combat Low Energy and Chronic Fatigue

Tyler Tolman

For low energy and chronic fatigue, there are three main factors that I want to discuss that cause the fatigue in the first place.

#1: A busy lifestyle

The first is kind of just obvious.

When you’re stressed out and pushing all the time, not getting enough sleep, not taking a nap or getting a massage or having a hot bath or taking care of yourself, you burn yourself out.

#2: Too many stimulants

Another obvious one is when people become addicted to some type of stimulant.

You’re drinking coffee or Chai or whatever it is. You’re stimulating yourself too much and you push, push, push and never slow down.

That is going to destroy your adrenal glands and leave you with low energy, to the point where you just need more and more stimulants to get going.

#3: Poor digestion

One thing that not many people are aware of is the one thing that actually takes more energy for the human body than anything else.

And this is one that people don’t understand, because when they’re fatigues they think they need to eat more.

In fact, it’s the opposite, because what takes more energy than anything else the human body does is digestion.

So when you really start to look at the foods you’re eating, the hardest things to digest are highly processed foods, breads and meats.

If you’re eating chicken and fish and cow and pig, and you’re eating breads and processed foods and things that aren’t moving the digestive system very well, this is taking a lot of energy to digest.

If you’re a bit stressed out and pushing, and you’re eating a lot of food, that is a recipe for disaster for low energy and eventually developing chronic fatigue syndrome.

You do not want that, because if you’re getting to the point of chronic fatigue, it is completely debilitating. You’re not going to be able to do anything at that point, so you want to avoid that as much as possible.

What should you do instead?

Chill out

What I recommend is taking a break. On a weekend, don’t do anything.

Sleep in, get off the stimulants, give yourself two or three days to just have one meal a day or drink some juices or smoothies so it’s really easy on your digestive system. This is going to reset things and bring you back into a good space if it’s just simply low energy.

Do a fast

If you already have chronic fatigue, most naturopaths, nutritionists and doctors would say to never do a fast.

They recommend other things and what I find working with clients is they never actually heal themselves.

The truth is, fasting is the fastest way to heal yourself from low energy or a chronic fatigue.

And if it was me personally with chronic fatigue, I’d be looking for somewhere to go to actually heal myself.

I’ve created a program called Heal Thyself Fast. It’s a nine day program specifically designed for you to heal yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and in all ways.

If I had chronic fatigue or someone close to me did, I would say, bring yourself to Bali.

Get yourself out in the sun and build your vitamin D levels. Go through the fasting process, clear yourself out and you’re going to be in an entirely different level of operating through that process.

To recap, you can boost your energy by getting in the sun and building vitamin D. You can reduce the amount of energy that’s needed by your digestive system by eating more fresh, raw, whole foods.

And you can do a fast and completely cleanse and detoxify your body, letting everything reset and catch up. You’ll definitely experience a higher level of energy after that.

Learning how to prepare for a fast, do a fast properly and break the fast are critical components for really healing yourself from these low energy issues and chronic fatigue. When you do it, you’re going to come back into work and life with a whole new level of energy that is going to be highly worth it.

So check out my Heal Thyself Fast program. Check out what I’m doing online with education and teaching people about fasting. If this resonates with you, definitely share it with others you know who have low energy.

Thanks for reading,

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