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Do you yawn a lot during the day?

I hate it when I yawn. Especially when I’m in meetings or at a conference or out with friends.  It’s embarrassing. It totally sends the wrong message.

You know what’s weird? When I yawn, people around will start to yawn as well.

Now we’re in real trouble. ?

Did you know you yawn because you’re not getting the sleep your body needs to operate optimally during the day?

Of course, what everybody tells you seems obvious: Get more sleep.

Yet, even when I do on the rare occasion get enough sleep, I still seem to yawn at the most inconvenient times.

That’s when I went on a quest and discovered why:

I discovered I wasn’t getting THE RIGHT KIND OF SLEEP.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then you’re simply not getting the sleep your body craves.

Yet, here’s what nobody is telling you: It’s Not Just The Amount Of Sleep… It’s The QUALITY Of Sleep That Makes The BIGGEST Difference…

Little did I know… with a lack of the right kind of sleep – Dangerous Toxins Were Building Up In My Brain…

With these brain toxins, you not only yawn… you make unnecessary mistakes at work… you need a coffee fix to jump start your day… you’re grumpy… you need a mid-day nap… plus a lots of tell-tale signs you don’t have the mental alertness or energy others have. (At least this is what happens to me.)

What I discovered next SHOCKED me.

It seems sleep isn’t just about quantity, it’s more about quality. There’s a very specific strategy for you to get the sleep you need to operate at your best during the day. One that relies on the same foundations as our primal ancestors.

What you’re about to discover is counter intuitive. But the great thing is that with the right kind of sleep, you may end up SLEEPING LESS, not more.

How cool is that? To find out how…

Discover The Sleep “Trick” That Fights The Root Cause of Insomnia



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