How I Was Able To Eat What I Wanted With The "Favorite Food Diet"

42 year old mother of 3, Chrissie Mitchell, has stumbled onto a diet that doesn't require giving up your favorite and most delicious foods!

Doctors all around the world have been shocked because this technique goes against all traditional weight loss ideas such as extreme regular work-outs, diets that starve and dangerous diet pills and supplements.

Chrissie Mitchell reveals that gut health is actually more important to weight loss than counting calories... Who knew?!

The result is a program that helps shed unhealthy weight with super imaginative and tasty methods! 

Exercise Optional

Chrissie Mitchell's plan doen't require any strenuous or excessive work-out routines.

True Guilt-Free Eating

Learn why giving up most foods is not the best or healthiest idea in the long-run.

No Eating Like A Bird

There's no need to cut out certain foods or to count calories - sensational!

Most Other Diets Will Fail

Grass roots researcher absolutely blows the lid off why most diets will never work.

Chrissie, I’ve got to tell you when I first heard about your system I was skeptical…  

I’d heard a lot of big promises before and, well, nothing ever seemed to pan out for me.  

But just 1 day into the course I could tell this was different from any course I’ve taken before.  

It was simple. And it was a lot of fun to follow. I loved the fact that I could still be eating my Hershey’s bar and lose weight all at the same time.  

This is a huge breakthrough and I tell everyone about it!

Oh and by the way, I started at 186 and I’m all the way down to 159 in no time… It’s really amazing!

Olive Monson from Greenfield, NJ

The favorite food diet is a life saver, I thought I’d never lose my love handles.  

Now they’re not only gone, I can actually walk around the beach shirtless without getting those stares of pity.  

I’m enjoying food more than I ever have and I’m seeing weight loss faster than I ever thought possible.  

In the last few days, I’ve had doughnuts, brownies, and waffles for breakfast!  

And by my calculations I lost 42 pounds faster than I ever dreamt possible.

And to think I almost didn’t buy this course. I would have missed out on the best weight loss opportunity of my life.

Thomas Hawkins from Chicago, IL

We have hundreds more stories like these… But the only story that really matters is yours right now.

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The author, Chrissie Mitchell, is 42 years young. She is not an actor, not a nutritionist, not a guest lecturer at Yale University and certainly not a salesperson.

She is a normal woman, just like you with 3 amazing kids. She wanted to get back in shape and tried to follow all different types of fad diets without having much success. While she may have lost a few pounds here and there while following those diets, it was difficult for her to stick to them because there were too many restrictions to deal with.

As a result of her work, Chrissie and her husband came up with something that really works. It took a lot of research and effort, but they figured out what works and what doesn’t and they've made it their mission to help others too.

Chrissie Mitchell’s diet is good for those who cannot resist delicious foods and yet still need to get into shape - is this even possible?

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